Your skin is a reflection your life style. Our                 facial treatments help you maintain healthy 
       skin and pores, while bringing out natural 
       glow that everyone has with themselves. 

      At Orchid Nails, the following skin care 
      services are provided:

   1.   Mini or Express Facial ...................   $35

         A quick facial for cleaning, massaging, 
       with  mask and hot towels.

  2.   European Facial 
       with Dermalogica Products.............   $62

        A complete cleansing of face and neck line               with steaming exfoliation. 
       It's highly recommended!      

  3.   Black & White Head Removal.........  $30

        Cleaning/scrubbing around nose area
        to remove all black and white heads.

​  4.  European Facial & Body Scrub....   $150
​        Complete European Facial plus exfoliation 
        on your whole body with massage technique.

Thank you for visiting us today and 
we're looking forward to serving you soon!

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